Bait & Switch – Listen to the Audiobook

Bait & Switch and Other Stories by Ashley Sievwright is now available as a digital audiobook. Find it on Booktopia or other platforms where you buy audiobooks.

From teenage memories of staying with a cross-dressing cousin in Sydney, to estranged siblings scattering the ashes of a family member, not to mention perplexing encounters in Jordan, the eight stories in Bait & Switch reflect on family, friendship, desire and belonging in a queer world.

Listen now to one of the stories – Elephant – free on Soundcloud. [adult content]


strange goings on at Mount Elephant in ‘Elephant’

Bait & Switch is now available from Hares & Hyenas Bookshop, as well as copies of Ashley Sievwright’s The Shallow End – the classic gay text on swimming pools, suntanning, sex, and strange disappearances.

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