Down Rainbow Road

A new collection of poetry by Rob Wallis.

Down Rainbow Road
New and Selected Poems by Rob Wallis

Down Rainbow Road: New and Selected Poems by Rob Wallis

Down Rainbow Road includes two new sequences of poems by Rob Wallis. Inheritance is a multi-voice history of Australian gay experience from the earliest days of exploration and settlement. Muscular Flirtations gathers more personal reflections on a life-struggle towards acceptance and love. Selected Poems presents the variations of Rob’s poetry through five earlier collections.

“This new work by Rob Wallis records the brutal truth of Australia’s homophobic past and reveals his own story, a man who has lived it, survived it and survives it still, proudly and as a poet. There’s an open hunger in these pages. There’s protest, desire and declaration. There’s the renouncing of shame and guilt, plus the acknowledgment of damage and fallibility. He writes:

this mighty hurricane of truth
will sweep all the debris away
and leave you standing naked
scarred …… imperfect …… a column
of light …… an infinite illumination

Rob Wallis is no secret, but with this deeply humane work of languish, lust and love, there’s no doubt that he’s arrived.” — Nathan Curnow

cover image: Guy James Whitworth

ISBN: 9780987403773

RRP: $29.95

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