Remembering Michael Bernard Kelly

This coming week marks a year since our friend Michael Bernard Kelly passed away. Clouds of Magellan Press is honoured to be able to announce the publication of The Erotic Contemplative, a transcription of Michael’s groundbreaking lecture series from 1994.

In 1994, Michael Bernard Kelly recorded six video lectures for the Erospirit Research Institute. The Erotic Contemplative charted a spirituality for gay and lesbian Christians grounded in the contemplative, mystical traditions of the church. Dr Joseph Kramer, who commissioned the lectures, writes: “His powerful words … seemed to come straight from his heart and right into mine. I told Michael that he was offering transformative guidance, like Joseph Campbell did in his Hero’s Journey. ‘You have described the Mystic’s Journey for Gay and Lesbian Christians.’ ”

The lectures, originally released in 1995, were digitised and re-released in 2020. Now this transcription of all the lectures is published for the first time, and includes a study guide to the series prepared by Michael Kelly, and a foreword by Dr Joseph Kramer.

The book is available as ebook, and retail paperback from online platforms (Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Book Depository, Booktopia), or can be ordered through your local bookshop (in Australia and New Zealand through John Reed Book Distribution; rest-of-the-world through Lightning Source).

“The Erotic Contemplative is the most powerful and insightful study of Gay Spirituality that I know of. I have watched ‘The Road from Emmaus’ lecture three times, and still find new riches!”
~ John J. McNeill, PhD. Author of The Church and the Homosexual

Also, re-released this year in an updated edition, Seduced by Grace by Michael Bernard Kelly

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