New Book for World AIDS Day

Today – December 1 2021 – we are proud to launch a new title that remembers 40 years since AIDS came to Australia in 1981. Always Remember by Geoff Allshorn: 40 years – 40 objects and images from the AIDS epidemic, 1981 ~ 2021. With contributions from Dennis Altman, Phil Carswell, Henry von Doussa, Alison Thorne, Marcus O’Donnell, and Paul Cholewinski.

Always Remember by Geoff Allshorn

The book is available now as a free downloadable pdf, and some articles can be read on the Clouds of Magellan website HERE.

The eBook version and paperback will be available soon – follow this website for updates.

Always Remember is a brief history of AIDS in Australia, expressed through forty objects and images – newspaper clippings, books, films, TV, music, memorials, activism and art. Not to mention badges and milk cartons. Geoff Allshorn tenderly recalls his own experiences and struggles. More broadly, Allshorn probes the meanings behind the many silences, exclusions and (mis)representation, while at the same time celebrating the heroic work of many ‘heroes of the epidemic’.

Geoff Allshorn is a former school teacher who has recently been undertaking postgraduate research on the history of HIV/AIDS. He has been a member of many LGBT, HIV/AIDS and other community/activist groups, and has received a number of awards relating to this activism. He is also a former member of various atheist/humanist groups, and is currently the co-convenor of the Rainbow Atheists Facebook and MeetUp pages.

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