The Pink Book by Henry von Doussa

The Pink Book by Henry von Doussa (2022)

The Pink Book is now available from Hares & Hyenas (in-person, or online order) at the Victorian Pride Centre, St Kilda.

Bookshops and libraries – contact John Reed Book Distribution

also buy online from

The Pink Book – at Hares & Hyenas, Victorian Pride Centre

The Pink Book is a memoir about sexuality, gender, and grief and loss through the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and about the influence of life’s juxtaposing forces: beauty and suffering, freedom and constraint.

The Pink Book contains Henry von Doussa’s art, writing, and precious objects (including old family letters and photographs) to tell a story of growing up through the 80s and 90s, asking: What gives a family lift? What drags a family down? The Pink Book explores the power of creativity to understand and ease the mental ill-health that hangs as an ever-present spectre over multiple generations of an Australian family.

The Pink Book is an exceptionally crafted, beautifully presented publication designed by award-winning book designer Sean Hogan.

‘This is a book with stories of youthful suffering. But it shows how the struggle for creativity and originality can contribute to healing.’ — The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG

Other outlets to follow, plus launch details. Follow this blog for ongoing details.

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