All windows open

All windows open : and other stories by Hariklia Heristanidis

Chrissie Triantafillou is your average Greek girl growing up in Melbourne in the 1980s. Dark hair, art student, bit of a princess. Other distinguishing features: she has no sense of smell, has been cursed by her mother, and is passionately in love with her cousin George. Hariklia Heristanidis is a writer and blogger. Her stories open up a world of dreams, desires, and women who either tell fortunes, or – hopefully -make their own.

ISBN: 978-0-646-57794-4
Paperback RRP: $22.00

Where to buy this book

eBook available now – try Kindle | Readings, or your favorite e-bookshop.

Reader reviews

“The author has created a genuine neighbourhood of people who interact in a tightly knit, sometimes oppressive, but always caring fashion. To say anything more about the plot would be to spoil the surprises and humor that follow. My biggest compliment is that the story is thoughtful and well considered. Random events and comments come full circle and build character or have meaning later in the story. The book arrived in the mail late last night and I finished all of the stories this morning with coffee. A very good read and a highly recommended book.” — (

“Although I have never been to suburban Australia (and have no Greek ancestry!) these characters ring absolutely true – you only have to have been young and fallen in love with an unattainable dream to relate. But the settings and detail are also fascinating – I sort of feel I DID grow up Greek in Melbourne after living through Chrissie’s coming of age with her. Cleverly constructed with parallel stories and different voices woven together, the story is told in a modern, almost episodic way like a good TV drama. I was gripped from start to finish.” — Hil (Amazon UK)

“Bought this for my Kindle and couldn’t put it down, engaging characters and interesting stories. Hope to hear more from this author.” — Lula (Amazon UK)

“A book that I could not put down…a MUST read.” — Zanderlab (Amazon US)

“I loved this book…its an easy read and highly engaging. The other stories included are also lovely. A terrific gift … can’t wait for her next book of stories.” — Cheryl

“Loved your book, especially the last short story. Great reading!! Well done. The novella should be made into a film, it is so visual.” — Jono (Facebook)

“I finally sat down with your book, and I couldn’t put it down. Read that first one straight through; it’s such a great story, so well written and the story line so engaging. Good on you, impressive! I’m looking forward to reading the other stories in the collection.” — Miriam (Facebook)

“I have just finished reading it ( at some crazy hour of the morning ) and I can truly say I loved it! What an entertaining cast of characters. I found them all funny, warm and very real. I have a soft spot for All Windows Open and really loved learning so much about Greek culture, so many superstitions! I also enjoyed Mrs Mavros’ character very much.” — Andrea (Goodreads)

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