Berzoo by Errol Bray.

The impact on my body was electric, like someone had stabbed me in the heart with a syringe of adrenalin…

Berlin, 1995. The Wall is down, Christo has wrapped the Reichstag, and gay travel writer Roger Staines is fast approaching his fortieth birthday. He’s experiencing the usual meaning-of-life angst, but things go completely berzoo when he meets Friedrich of the angelic looks, and Nikki of the flaming red hair.

Ricocheting between Sydney, Berlin and Venice, Roger is caught in a world that travel writing didn’t prepare him for. Worse still, Roger has learnt how to use a gun and he can’t put it down.

Berzoo – The journey … the betrayal … the revenge!

“… immensely readable … vivid characterisation, atmospheric Berlin setting, and narrative twists … ” DNA Magazine.

Errol Bray is a playwright; theatre director and dramaturg; founding director of major youth arts projects; and a sometime academic. He is from Sydney, lives in Brisbane, and travels a lot.

Berzoo is Errol Bray’s first novel and won the Clouds of Magellan GLBT Novel Competition for an emerging novelist in 2010, supported by Hares & Hyenas Bookshop.

Where to buy this book

eBook: Kindle | Kobo | Readings

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