Come inside

Come inside by G.L. Osborne

Glenys Osborne’s Come inside is the winner of the 2011 Barbara Jefferis Award.

Come inside was also shortlisted for The Age Book of the Year 2010 (fiction) and shortlisted for Best First Book in the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize 2010.

‘She felt it still, the struggle in the dark, as though it continued several layers down. She could not remember if, before the wreck, nights had been such a terror to her – an epic, tearing battle against waves of darkness and oblivion from which she seemed to surface, gasping, before being pulled back down by exhaustion.’

A ship is wrecked in 1887 near the small country town of Colego. The sea throws up one troubled survivor who claims to know only her name. Glenys Osborne’s compelling first novel traces the impact of the loss of the Lucy on the town of Colego and how the tidal pull of this event shapes and disturbs those who come after.

Glenys Osborne lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her partner and their young son. She writes, edits and teaches, and has won numerous awards for her short fiction. Come inside is her first published novel.

ISBN: 9780980712025, paperback, 180pp.

Where to buy this book

Bookshops, Libraries: please contact Dennis Jones & Associates or Bulldog Books

Readers: ask your bookshop to order a print copy for you, or contact Bulldog Books for mail order retail

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