Fare thee well, Hoddle Grid

Fare thee well, Hoddle Grid by Garry Kinnane

‘part two of the Shadowed Days sequence’


Mid-50s to mid-60s Melbourne—a Wowserland of 6 o’clock closing, censorship, endless suburbia …

… we could settle down. But that was the farthest thing from our minds. We didn’t want security, we wanted adventure, risk, experience, we wanted to see and grasp the world …

In Fare Thee Well, Hoddle Grid, Garry Kinnane continues the story, begun in Shadowed Days, of a young man looking for his direction in life. Having left school early, Garry finds himself at twenty-one in danger of working forever as an insurance clerk in the city. But gradually he finds an escape route—through night classes in literature, the folk-revival, The Push, the attractions of a Bohemian life …

GARRY KINNANE is the author of George Johnston: A Biography (winner of The Age Book of the Year 1986), and Colin Colahan: A Portrait.  His memoir Shadowed Days was shortlisted in the 2009 Queensland Premiers Literary Awards for non-fiction.

260pp | ISBN: 978-0-9874037-1-1 |

RRP $24.95 (paperback) | eBook $9.99

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