The following is a list of LGBTIQ titles published by Clouds of Magellan.


The Boy in the Yellow Dress — by Victor Marsh

boy in theyellowdress cover

Beyond Priscilla — by Daniel Witthaus

Beyond Priscilla

Heaven Bent: Australian lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex experiences of faith, religion and spirituality — eds. Luke Gahan and Tiffany Jones


Speak Now: Australian Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage — ed Victor Marsh


Mr Isherwood Changes Trains by Victor Marsh


Seduced by Grace — by Michael Bernard Kelly [2007]



The Quarters by Errol Bray. … Errol Bray’s novel Berzoo was published by Clouds of Magellan in 2011.

Beyond Priscilla – The Play by Gavin Roach. The stage adaptation of Daniel Witthaus’ Beyond Priscilla.

Berzoo – by Errol Bray


The Indignities – by Graeme Aitken


The shallow end – by Ashley Sievwright


Omar and Enzo in the Big Talking Book – by Colin Batrouney

Electricity for Beginners — POETRY by Michelle Dicinoski [2011]

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