Speak Now – Australian perspectives on same-sex marriage — ed. Victor Marsh

Seduced by Grace: Contemporary spirituality, Gay experience and Christian faith — Michael Bernard Kelly

Mr Isherwood Changes Trains : Christopher Isherwood and the search for the ‘home’ self — Victor Marsh

Shadowed days: fragments of a Melbourne boyhood — Garry Kinnane

Beyond Crucifixion: Lenten meditations on surviving sexual abuse — Beth R. Crisp – non-fiction – international edition through Darton, Longman and Todd

Two journeys into peril: wartime letters of Ken and Ron Sillcock, 1940-1945 — Ken Sillcock – non-fiction – eBook: Kindle | Readings

Sacred Australia : post-secular considerations — ed. Makarand Paranjape – non-fiction

The whole shebang: articles and reflections — Clare Boyd–Macrae – short non-fiction – eBook: Kindle | Readings

Three gates to paradise : articles and reflections — Clare Boyd-Macrae – non-fiction [2006] – out of print

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