Speak now

Speak Now : Australian perspectives on same-sex marriage

Edited by Victor Marsh | Foreword by the Hon. Michael Kirby AC, CMG

A collection of essays, reflections and personal stories that show the passion and depth around the issue of same-sex marriage.

ISBN: 978-0-9807120-9-4

RRP: $AUD 29.95

Over thirty writers, a mix of activist and reflective voices, explore the legacy of the 2004 changes to the Australian Marriage Act, which now states (and which must be stated at every wedding) ‘marriage is between a man and a woman’.


Dennis Altman, Barbara Baird, Andrew Barr and Anthony Toms, Michael Carden, Rodney Croome, Elaine Crump, Sharon Dane, Michelle Dicinoski, Luke Gahan, Evelyn Gray, Ryan Heath, Lynne Hillier and Tiffany Jones, Crusader Hillis, Walter Jennings, Michael Kirby, Benjamin Law, Victor Marsh,  Dorothy McRae-McMahon, Paul Martin, Alyena Mohummadally and Catherine Roberts, Chris Morgan, Wayne Morgan, Nathan Nettleton, Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Kerryn Phelps, Damien Riggs, Donald Ritchie, Wendell Rosevear OAM, Lulu Shapiro and Jannine Lockyer, Adiva Sifris and Paula Gerber, Peter Tatchell, Yantra de Vilder, Zenith Virago, Deb Wain, Kees Waaldijk, Tim Wilson, Tim Wright.

Where to get this book

eBook: Kindle | KoboReadings

Bookshops, Libraries: please contact Dennis Jones & Associates or Bulldog Books

Readers: ask your bookshop to order a print copy for you, or contact Bulldog Books for mail order retail

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