The Erotic Revolution – Call for Contributions

Call for creative contributions

The erotic revolution: A call for creative engagements about the way new technologies shape sexual practices and intimacy.

This edited anthology is designed to complement increasing academic attention exploring the relationship between new technologies and sexuality/intimacy, including human-machine relations and the application of robotics in intimate relationships. The anthology is designed to add lived experience/expertise voices to the academic discussion.

Contributions might be fiction, autobiography, poetry, interviews or essays, and would focus on, but not be limited to, the following areas:

  • How technology has transformed social norms regarding sexuality and intimacy
  • Virtual and augmented reality (sex toys, dolls, robots and erotic chatbots) and new kinds of erotic pleasures and partners
  • Dating apps and networking opportunities
  • Biomedical technologies and changing sexual landscapes (for example PrEP in gay culture).

Your piece should be no longer than 4000 words.

All authors will receive one copy of the final product, but as this is being produced with limited funds, authors will not be paid.

The anthology will be edited by Henry von Doussa, Dr Jen Power and Dr Andrea Waling and published by Clouds of Magellan Press

Email all contributions to by 30 November 2019.