The shallow end

The Shallow End by Ashley Sievwright

‘It was one of the most perfect days, only just warm enough, an ever so slight breeze I could see in the hairs on my arm and in the flutter of the flags across each end of the pool but couldn’t feel. It must have been the exact temperature of my blood.’

On a cloudless afternoon, a man dives into a crowded swimming pool and disappears. Is it murder, a staged disappearance or alien abduction?

‘The Shallow End’ – a steady freestyle commentary on sex, celebrity and suntanning.

The Shallow End was shortlisted in the 2009 Commonwealth Writers Prize.

Where to buy this book

eBook: Amazon | Kobo | Readings – or search your favorite eBook provider.

Bookshops, Libraries: please contact Dennis Jones & Associates or Bulldog Books

Readers: ask your bookshop to order a print copy for you, or contact Bulldog Books for mail order retail


Canberra Times – 18 April 2009:
‘…a little gem of a novel…’

3RRR review by Louise Swinn

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