A Word Before I Go – by Barbara Whitley – MEMOIR

Raised in a Sydney family of successful older brothers and sisters, young Barbara Whitley is determined to find her own direction. Her choices are instinctive but not always wise in the cramped world of the 1930s … MORE

Released March 2020

The Erotic Contemplative – A Study Guide – by Michael Bernard Kelly – NON-FICTION

A companion to the video lecture series by Michael Bernard Kelly, reflecting on the spiritual journey of Gay/Lesbian Christians … MORE

Released 2020

Bent Street 3

Bent Street brings you  the Year in Queer – 2019… more at the Bent Street website

Signs of a Struggle – by Guy James Whitworth – MEMOIR/ART ANALYSIS

Signs of a struggle illustrates the creative journey, from working-class North East England to the current Queer-art scene of Sydney, through the eyes of award-winning artist Guy James Whitworth … MORE

Bent Street : Australian LGBTIQA+ Arts, Writing & Ideas. 2 (published 2019)


Bent Street : Australian LGBTIQA+ Arts, Writing & Ideas. 1 – ‘2017’.


Titles 2006-2015


Aitken, Graeme — The Indignities — FICTION


Barson, Petrina — Now we are four — POETRY, 2008

Batrouney, Colin — Omar and Enzo in the Big Talking Book — FICTION, 2009


Boyd-Macrae, Clare — The Whole Shebang — NON-FICTION, 2009

Boyd-Macrae, Clare — Three Gates to Paradise — NON-FICTION, 2006

Bray, Errol Berzoo FICTION, 2011

Dicinoski, Michelle — Electricity for Beginners — POETRY, 2011

Fahey, Diane — The Stone Garden — POETRY


Fahey, Diane — The Mystery of Rosa Morland — POETRY, 2007

Gahan, Luke & Jones, Tiffany — Heaven Bent: Australian lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex experiences of faith, religion and spirituality — NON-FICTION


Heristanidis, Hariklia — All windows open — SHORT FICTION

Kelly, Michael Bernard — Seduced by Grace — NON-FICTION, 2007


Kinnane, Garry — Time of Arrival — NON-FICTION, 2016 — Part 3 of the Shadowed Days Trilogy.

Cover - Time of Arrival - Garry Kinnane

Kinnane, Garry — Fare Thee Well, Hoddle Grid — NON-FICTION. Part 2 of the Shadowed Days Trilogy.


Kinnane, Garry — Shadowed Days — NON-FICTION, 2008. Part 1 of the Shadowed Days Trilogy

Lynch, Anthony — Night Train — POETRY, 2011

Marsh, Victor — The Boy in the Yellow Dress 

Marsh, Victor (editor) — Speak Now: Australian Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage — NON-FICTION

Marsh, Victor — Mr Isherwood Changes Trains — NON-FICTION


Osborne, G. L. — Come inside — FICTION


Scillio, Georgina — A Dandelion on the Roof — SHORT FICTION

Sievwright, Ashley — The Shallow End — FICTION, 2009
ISBN: 9780980298345

Sievwright, Ashley — Walter — FICTION, 2012
ISBN: 9780987403704


Stamping Ground —- ed. Gordon Thompson
An anthology of writing about the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Weeks, Sue Jensen — How Desolate Our Home Bereft of Thee — NON-FICTION

Wills, Mark — Death in a Swiss Zoo — POETRY, 2009

Witthaus, Daniel — Beyond Priscilla

Beyond Priscilla

Beyond Priscilla – The Play by Gavin Roach. The stage adaptation of Daniel Witthaus’ Beyond Priscilla.

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