Michael Bernard Kelly

Michael Bernard Kelly – Portraits in Faith

Michael Bernard Kelly, our longtime friend, passed away 14 November 2020. He was an Adjunct Research Associate at Monash University’s Centre for Religious Studies, Australia. Over the past twenty years he led retreats, spoke at conferences, lectured at universities and published essays and papers in Australia, the UK and the USA. His writing and life inspired many. He is the author/presenter of The Erotic Contemplative video-lecture series; author of Seduced by Grace: Contemporary Spirituality, Gay Experience and Christian Faith (Clouds of Magellan Press); and Christian Mysticism’s Queer Flame: Spirituality in the Lives of Contemporary Gay Men (Routledge Studies in Religion).

The family and friends of Michael have issues a Call for Papers for a proposed collection of essays and reflections to be published by Clouds of Magellan; also, a call for material for an archive of Michael’s writings. More …

Two recent articles that Michael contributed to bent street:

Tribute at QSpirit by Kittredge Cherry – RIP Michael B. Kelly: Queer theologian, author and “Erotic Contemplative” teacher

Michael Bernard Kelly – Portraits in Faith – video

Tribute at the Australian Gay and Lesbian Archives – Vale Michael Bernard Kelly

Michael Kelly talks to media outside St Patrick’s cathedral, East Melbourne (photographer unknown)

Seduced by Grace

Michael Bernard Kelly’s Seduced by Grace: Contemporary Spirituality, Gay Experience and Christian Faith (2007) was a significant early publication for Clouds of Magellan Press. Find the ebook of Seduced by Grace (2007) on Amazon and Google Play Books.


Seduced by Grace – updated edition

Michael Bernard Kelly’s Seduced by Grace – Contemporary spirituality, Gay Experience, and Christian faith.

Originally published in 2007, this updated paperback edition (2021) includes all the original essays, letters, talks and reflections, but includes an updated biographical note, revisions to some out-of-date website references, and includes a letter written by Michael in 2017 and published originally in Bent Street.

‘Michael Kelly writes with great perception and poignancy of a yearning which everyone share. A yearning for love, both physical and spiritual, a yearning for completion …’ Fiona Capp

‘These are the passionate despatches of a reporter from one of the most hostile – for gay men and women – regimes on earth: the Catholic church. Michael Kelly has come out but stayed in. His indictment of the church is stark, but his vision of what it might become has the power to move even hardened atheists …’ David Marr

‘Authentic, vulnerable … life-giving’ … Dorothy Macrae-McMahon

The Erotic Contemplative

The Erotic Contemplative: Reflections on the Spiritual Journey of the Gay/Lesbian Christian – Study Guide is six-volume video lecture series for living, loving, and prayer recorded by Michael Kelly.

‘In 1994 Dr Joseph Kramer of Erospirit Research Institute in California asked me if I would record some reflections that might support and encourage gay and lesbian Christians in reclaiming and re-imagining their spiritual lives. I was honoured by the invitation and excited by the project. These six lectures were my response to that invitation. They were recorded live in Oakland, California, in September and October, 1994, and published in both video and audiotape formats the next year.’

Visit The Erotic Contemplative YouTube Channel, or Search ‘The EroticContemplative’ on YouTube.

The Erotic Contemplative - Michael Bernard Kelly - Study Guide

Download free pdf: The Erotic Contemplative Study Guide

(The ebook version of this study guide is also available through Google Play Books, Apple, Kobo, and Amazon Kindle.)