heaven-bent-coverClouds of Magellan Press is an independent publishing imprint, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Established in 2006 Clouds of Magellan publishes Australian fiction, poetry, and non-fiction [see Titles 2006 – 2014 for a complete listing].

Our non-fiction focuses on ‘spirituality from the margins’, LGBTI issues, and autobiography/memoir. In fiction and poetry the focus has been on emerging Australian writers.

Print titles are available from our distributors – Dennis Jones & Associates and Bulldog Books – and most titles are available as ebooks or online print-on-demand paperbacks (such as Amazon, Book Depository …).

Clouds of Magellan Press does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Clouds of Magellan publishing services

From 2015 Clouds of Magellan’s main activity will be the provision of fee-for-service publishing services for individual authors and organisations, with titles being published under the individual or organisation’s name or imprint.

If you need professional help to develop, or publish a book, please contact Gordon Thompson [Email: cloudsofmagellanpress@gmail.com]. We can provide or mediate all aspects of the publishing life-cycle – including manuscript assessment, consultation, design and editing services, website development.

Visit the publishing services page for further details.

Clouds of Magellan Press | ABN 82 261 609 306

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