rainshadow is a commercial imprint of Clouds of Magellan Press, and is for author or organisation-based self publication. We supply editing, design, and publication services.

Do you have a book project – poetry collection, novel, memoir, corporate work – and need help to have it published?

Contact rainshadow.

Why rainshadow?

Well, every single Australian bird, mammal, or interesting plant or fish name has been taken for use by a small press somewhere on the continent. We tried sub-variations of ‘Clouds of Magellan’ – (for example, Cloud 9.1, Nimbus Cumulus, etc) but landed on rainshadow.

  • book design
  • book production
  • publication advice
  • editing
  • proofreading

Project costs

Typically, a small book of poems will cost $2000, and a novel under 60,000 words will cost $5000. This covers the design and layout of the book (from your finished text), cover design, and set up for digital publishing in one form of print-on-demand book (paperback or hardback). ISBN and barcode is included.

More complex books, or longer works will be costed differently, based on the scope of the work.

Any editing or proofreading is a separate cost.

An ebook version is an additional cost of $200, unless the work is designed to be e-book only.

The book will be set up as a print-on-demand book through Ingram/Lightning Source (so, globally available through Book Depository, Amazon, Booktopia, etc). We will also provide advice on selling your title into the book market and bookshops, and on avenues for promotion; but active ongoing distribution and marketing is not included in the project cost. Ongoing title management will be dealt with by a third-party provider that we will connect you with.

You will pay for all copies printed.

The book can be published under your own imprint, or can be listed under the rainshadow imprint.