Bent Street

Bent Street is a new journal of Australian LGBTIQ writing and will be published annually in December, commencing 2017. The journal will gather writing across various genres, written or presented in the year of publication, to form an ongoing picture of LGBTIQ life in Australia – ‘the year in queer’.

Bent Street welcomes writing from the LGBTIQ community in the genres of: short fiction, extracts from work-in-progress, essays, memoir, play or performance scripts, poetry, spoken word, blog, letters, shopping lists, interviews, and anything else that is written word, created in the year of the journal’s publication.

Bent Street 1 will be published in December 2017 as ebook, print-on-demand, and paperback.

Editor: Tiffany Jones.

Dr Tiffany Jones researches and publishes on LGBTIQ issues in education, education policy, homophobic bullying, youth wellbeing and suicide, sexuality education, values education, health and social policy, and legislative change.

Contact and all submissions:


  1. This publication is unfunded and produced in a volunteer capacity. Any revenue from sales will be used to develop the publication and fund writer development.
  2. Word length flexible, but shorter is preferable.
  3. Writing can be previously published.
  4. Limit of three submitted pieces per author.
  5. Line cartoons and black and white graphics will be considered.
  6. Cut-off for submissions: 1 November 2017.
  7. Obviously, for reasons of publication, ‘written in 2017’ means writing may have been created from October 2016 onwards. The aim is to capture ‘the temper of the times’.
  8. Send a short bio note with submissions.