The Park Bench by Henry von Doussa

The Park Bench by Henry von Doussa (2006, 2021)

This edition, with new author foreword, published 2021
ISBN: 978-0-6453531-1-2 – pbk RRP$24.95
ISBN: 978-0-6453531-0-5 – hbk 134pp RRP $39.95 (available only through online channel sales)

Lennie and Dan have been together five years—five years of love and trouble. But they split up, and Lennie begins to trawl the parks, the streets, the night.

‘… von Doussa writes beautifully … with the cold water clarity of the unillusioned, unhurriedly and well.’ WH Chong Australian Book Review

‘… consistently edgy and evocative, and surprisingly poignant … a bold and uncompromising take on a subject that gets little fictional attention.’ Cameron Woodhead The Age

‘… sassy, mournful, yearning and clear-eyed … profound shared human moments … inescapable in its contradictions.’ Joan Nestle Traffic, Quotidian Queer

‘A powerful, bittersweet paean to that ‘shrouded community of strangers’ … a brutally honest … compassionate work … passages of sheer beauty and painful truth.’ Ian Purcell

Finalist Best Writing Award Melbourne Prize for Literature 2006.

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