Scheherazade and the Amber Necklace

cover: Lucinda Gifford

Scheherazade and the Amber Necklace by Gordon Thompson.

Available now. No launch due to lockdown (perhaps a pre-Christmas celebration) – buy now online from Readings, or ask at your local bookshop. Also available from Book Depository and all of the usual multinationals, and as ebook.

While her younger sister was gifted in telling tales, Scheherazade couldn’t tell a story to save her life…

Scheherazade and the Amber Necklace is a bold reimagining of the classic Tales of the Arabian Nights, with flying carpets, despotic rulers, secret assassins, and powerful djinns. When her sister is forced to marry the king, and her father imprisoned, Scheherazade must make a desperate journey to the Zagros Mountains to find a story that might save all their lives.

ISBN: (Paperback)  9780645193503, RRP AUS$24.99

ISBN: (eBook) 978-0-6451935-4-1

ISBN: (Hardback) 978-0-6451935-5-8, RRP AUS 39.99

For all ages 10 and upwards – a literary fable

Bookshops : available through iPage Australia, Lightning Source, or direct from the publisher.

From The Age: ‘This fantastical interpretation of the Arabian Nights is told through the eyes of Scheherazade, written here as a headstrong young woman. Melburnian author and publisher Gordon Thompson has a lovely control of language and an eye for description, with the writing and atmosphere reminiscent of Michael Ende’s 1979 children’s fantasy classic The Neverending Story

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