Always Remember by Geoff Allshorn

Always Remember : 40 years – 40- objects and images from the AIDS epidemic, 1981-2021 by Geoff Allshorn is now available through online platforms as a paperback.

Always Remember is a  brief history of AIDS in Australia, expressed through forty objects and images – newspaper clippings, books, films, TV, music, memorials, activism and art. Not to mention badges and milk cartons. Allshorn tenderly recalls his own experiences and struggles. More broadly, Allshorn probes the meanings behind the many silences, exclusions and (mis)representation, while at the same time celebrating the work of many ‘heroes of the epidemic’.

ISBN: 978-0-6453531-4-3 (paperback)

Always Remember is available from this site also as a free pdf for a short time.

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